We are now officially an International global business and that is a great news, this year we successfully launched in LA.
As you know there’s a fair few miles between LA and London. With the miles came a lot of learnings quick and fast. Why LA? As part of our mission to inspire businesses to operate strategically we scaled. I thought I would share with you some insights from our recent international launch:
➡️ No launch is easy, regardless of what anyone says
➡️ You have to have multiple strategies at play – mapping out the best case and worse case scenarios grounds you and prepares you for all scenarios
➡️ Staying flexible at all times is a must
➡️ Having great people in your team is essential – not a luxury
➡️ Take the budget you have put down – and double it at least
➡️ You must spend 6 months just raising your profile
➡️ Partnerships and JVs are essential – an absolute must
➡️ Hire slow, fire fast – if people aren’t doing what they say they are going to – get rid quick!!
➡️ No marketing plan is bullet proof
➡️ Factor in time off & have fun along the way!
You will never know how it goes until you do it and then you can learn, refine and improve for the next time… so take that leap!
If I can help you in anyway, reach out and ask.
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