My video ISN’T an anti hustle video

The video is all about understanding why the hustle has a massive downside to it and actually it can put pressure on you when you don’t need it…I have been in business for over 10years – I’ve seen a lot in my time and of course I too have had to hustle. However, my key moment came when I had hustled myself into NO TIME and NO LIFE. Sure, the business was booming, but my life was glooming…

Everyone else seemed to be enjoying their down time where I had none, but I was doing what I loved and in my mind that somehow made it ok…

The sun was shining (a rare occasion here in London) and I would always be in the training room or running a seminar… again I convinced myself that this was the hustle, this was ok, because I was doing what I loved…At some point it hits, is running a business at the cost of my life truly worth it? And suddenly loving what you do isn’t enough anymore. Loving what you do will keep you going but when your business becomes a hindrance, you start to wonder how much you love it? And is it worth it?

I have always loved what I do, however something changed inside of me and I knew I wanted more, to have time to live outside of the business, to enjoy the journey and have a balance. This certainly kicked in when I started a family.I found ways to work smarter and more effective, strategies to implement and people to help. That’s what I do with people now, I can help you to get the balance back, and build a highly successful business while keeping the lifestyle balance. If I can help please ask away….Lets talk!

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