You must understand that the basic tip to a successful business is selling you. It is not just about getting your buyers’ purchase products being sold to them but it is all about selling you because if they buy you definitely they can buy anything you are selling.

Some qualities that make YOU sell:

  • Be honest and down to earth.
  • Make your buyers satisfaction your utmost priority.
  • Do not be greedy for gain.


As a start-up entrepreneur, you should be ready and absolutely willing to take the risk, as you know life is not a bed of roses. You might lose some things on risk journey, but with a heart full of passion and mind determination, success is ascertained because those who don’t take risks do not fail, likewise, those who don’t fail do not learn and those who don’t learn do not succeed.


In order to be successful as a new entrepreneur, you must gather and learn from those that have gone ahead of you in the same field because the guidance of a good coach will get your business started and positioned on solid footing.

Don’t be scared asking them questions thereby seizing your moment and getting yourself imparted with knowledge in creating the product, organising the business, and avoiding pitfalls.


As a new entrepreneur having a to-do-list is highly necessary because if you fail to plan then you are probably planning to fail. You must leverage your strength, you must leverage your technology and also you must outsource the works that constantly drain you and waste your time.


You must be ever ready and at alert all the time and as a new entrepreneur you must have a disaster recovery plan for worst-case scenarios and also every worst case scenario must be written down and shared with someone you can always confide in examples father, mother, spouse etc.

Also, be a saver, make sure you have funds from selling assets, savings etc. to be able to tackle the worst-case scenario.

Examples of some worst-case scenarios:

  • What will hinder my business advancement?
  • Someone beats me to market?
  • Personal issues like there is a loss in the family or there is a terminal disease with someone so dear to you?

So, knowing your worst cases will be a life-saver to you and your business, because the more you are aware of what can stop you from advancing, the more you are likely to succeed.


As a new entrepreneur, your family, friends, likewise relatives may be up against you following your business dream by trying to talk you out of it. Don’t allow anxiety envelop you, don’t listen to advice like “oh, setting up a new business is extremely difficult” however, rise up and move remember you are a leader and as a leader, you need to be self-confident.

Wish your friends, family and relatives’ best of good fortune, pack your bag and baggage and then move out, leave your comfort zone, set up your dream business and fulfil life destiny.


Outstretching yourself beyond your limit by adding a lot of services can make you hit the breakpoint. So, only major on your strength and what you are good at in order to stand out. Also, make sure you keep it simple as being too complex will affect you by wasting your time and slowing your pace.


As a start-up entrepreneur, you will need to set your own pace as there is nothing like instant success because starting and building a business requires patience. So, don’t just jump into your so-called goal rushing things up, remember the sayings “little drops of water make the mighty ocean”, and “Rome was not built overnight”. Thus, it would be of great benefit to take your business dreams a step at a time, move slowly, be patient, be diligent and above all persevere.


Entering into a business partnership with a stranger as a start-up entrepreneur can wreck your business vision, so endeavour to keep your roadmap fit for you and your business dream alone.


For an entrepreneur to be successful he/she must learn to let go. There are lots of drawbacks and underperforming individuals in which when not dropped and let go can drastically and adversely affect one’s business whereby resulting in setbacks and diversion of goals/dreams.


You need positive individuals that can provide you with the needed drive, zeal, and support. As a start-up entrepreneur, you need to surround yourself with those that have faith in your vision and can push you to make it a reality.


As a new entrepreneur, you will need to have the same mentality as your customers thereby having your eyes fixed on what your buyers prioritize the most.

Below are some customers’ mentality you must be aware of:

  • That you can meet there needs.
  • That you can reduce their expenses.
  • That you can alleviate their pain.


Holding a portable workshop is also a very crucial step and tip for a new entrepreneur to be successful as it helps build credible long-term customers. Because standing up and speaking before a group of people delivering amazing speeches as regards your business in an engaging way raises your head from the competition and build your credibility amidst your customers.


Overspending at the start of a business is not ideal as you need to setup relevant solution that imparts your intending customers to actualize the dreams. So, only spend more on the needful things.


This is very essential in a start-up business as it involves formulating, launching, and promotion. It is the watering part of a business whereby keeping it nourished and reliable.

Below are the necessary steps to be taken to effectively maximize the marketing power.

  • Create a persuasive marketing strategy.
  • Get a creative personnel for the actualization of your goal.
  • Make your marketing compelling and engaging.
  • Get your audience totally engaged.


You need to live the present moment by loving yourself and your business. Avoid being discouraged whenever you are not on track, however, learn from the mistake, celebrate yourself as well as your business, also make the quote “only tough people last and not touch times” your watchword.

Also, the following must be strictly followed:

  • Make sure you eat well.
  • Your sleep should not be traded for anything else.
  • Craft out time to involve yourself in exercises in order to stay fit.


As a new entrepreneur, you so much need to keep your head straight and forget about the so-called big retailers because no matter how unique your products are they won’t deal with you, so avoid them as they rarely promote brands nor advertise your product to their customers.


Be focused, be focused, BE FOCUSED! That’s one of the major tips for being a successful entrepreneur. If you have a vision of accomplishing a GREAT task then make sure you are influenced by purposeful individuals with ideas in the industry, remember the popular saying “some me your friend and I will tell you who you are” so make sure you move with people of like- minds, don’t be afraid and don’t be too possessive about your business, stay on the main lane of your business goal, avoid being side-tracked and bogged down, so I repeat again FOCUS, BE FOCUSED AND REMAIN FOCUSED.

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