Public Speaking Blueprint – with Victor Aphine

A Podcast Interview with Elliot Kay

Listen to Elliot be interviewed by Victor, discussing his depth of expertise and experience to be a co founder with Speaker Express. He challenges the justifcation that you DO need experience and having 6000 hours of delivering talks enables him to feel confident he can offer trainings and techniques to speakers and run a successful business with Annik Rau targeting growing businesses

He explores the strategies of how new speakers need a strong structure to get on the right path for their speaking journey, where many go wrong, the many pitfalls along the way and his experiences over the last few years as a speaker himself.

Elliot chats to Victor about the growth of Speaker Express and what market it targets and the trainings and coaching available to anyone who wants to step up on to the stage to grow their business.

It’s an insightful podcast for listeners extensively giving all the detail and information they need if they are keen to improve or need to be a better public speaker and what Speaker Express offers to members

Result-Driven Public Speaking Ep07 with Elliot Kay

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