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Hannah Xu, Accountancy Business

Before I came to work with Elliot I knew our business could reach the next level but didn’t know how. After working with Elliot we now see our numbers strategically and have a clear picture of our vision, values and Avatar. I am very positive about the next steps for my business and know exactly how to grow it.

Jackie & Dave, Tomes Homes

Before we met Elliot, we were ploughing ahead with growth in our business with not enough focus on ensuring we were laying the
foundations for a healthy and secure future, and perhaps losing sight of where we were heading (our goals /lifestyle vision) and why.
The sessions with Elliot really helped us focus on who we are as a business, what our goals are, and how we are going to get there (step by step). It was a logical, eye opening and inspiring process that we went on with Elliot, and we have come out the other side with a strong strategy for sustainable growth and a solid foundation in all the business fundamentals we need to ensure we continue to thrive.
Our business will be healthier and stronger for the future because of the work we did with Elliot. I would recommend anyone with a business would benefit from working with Elliot – he will help you see the bigger picture, and provide you with all the advice and support you need to grow your business!

Alex Ball, Kidding Educational App

When I first approached Elliot, I’d been busy with a competition in work (imagine ‘the apprentice’ meets ‘dragons den’) where we
were asked to submit innovative ideas. My idea had been selected, I formed a team, and I was asked to pitch it to senior management. After an introduction to Elliot, work began the very next day as I had a very limited time frame. Elliot knew straight away how to get to the core emotion of the subject, and he knew how to bring that out in me. I followed his advice pretty much to the letter; practice, practice, practice and it got me through the pitch to the next stage of the competition.

I agreed to pitch, to run towards my greatest fear of public speaking, and from over 1800 ideas submitted and 3 months of hard work later, my team got selected as one of the last 8 ideas. Finally I had to pitch the idea to members of the board, with an audience of 500 people, which was broadcast live internally to the various countries across the global. Only with Elliot’s help I got to the final, and only with Elliot’s help I am ecstatic to say that our team won, securing £1,000,000 funding.

Elliot knows how to sell a business idea to corporate executives. He speaks the language that resonates, and his experience is apparent. He also knows how to help put on a good show so that you can deliver your points with impact. It was amazing to witness and be a part of a masterclass in business coaching and public speaking. Like most great things in life, they are not achieved by an individual, but by a group of like-minded people who are willing to help each other. Elliot helped me and I just wanted to say that I will forever be eternally grateful to him.

For the record, I have never attempted anything like this in my life as I have grown up with dystonia (a neurological disorder which ultimately causes the body to produce involuntary movements under stress) I have always avoided the spotlight or being the center of attention. I don’t often tell people about this fact, as I don’t want any special treatment or to be outcast for being different. However this is another fear that I need to face, and I’ll do that by being honest. I was honest to Elliot up front, and he was equally honest and respectful back to me. I am now very proud to call him my friend.

Nami, Your Business Buddy

I have 32 years in business, have run many businesses myself and when came to Elliot I was in a position where I want to share that knowledge with other business owners. From working with Elliot I now run a network in Malaga of business owners ‘Malaga Business Minds’ – we are 500 strong already after just a few months and growing fast. All this was not even imaginable before I started working with Elliot. With the support of Elliot, my mastermind group and the community, I have grown my community and business a tremendous amount. I have been featured in the press and my diary is packed with coffees with potential clients, radio interviews, TV appearances.

Ollie Trew, Trew-Connection

Going through business with someone who’s heart is in the right place, who walks his walk and is a great mentor to all of us.

Will Polsten, Make It Happen

Having run my coaching business for a year I was frustrated, overworked, and not getting the results I wanted. Elliot taught me tools I could implement immediately which made a massive impact to my business straight away. I’m now at full capacity, I have other coaches working under me, I’ve increased my prices, and I have a better sales process that converts.

Roz Thornton, Amazing Women Global

Thank you for your 2 day Strategy course. It was a LOT of information to take in and my head was hurting by the end of the two days. Little did I know that after my head stopped hurting, I would be able to focus on what I really wanted from my business and my target market.  I now know who my Avatars are and have clear goals. Since then I have changed the name of my business to Amazing Women Global, I have been endorsed by a celebrity and I now have my first public speaking engagement next Tuesday.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to expand their business or change direction.

Thank you for being both Strategic and Brilliant.

Sheniz Carr, Lifecoach

Elliot is truly an inspirational human being; working with him has turned my life around. My career is now flourishing and I feel more in control of my personal life.

Elliott has a wonderful knack of always showing me the good that has come from all situations and how I can grow and learn from them. I would recommend Elliot’s sessions to anyone.

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