For years people said ‘you should write a book’.

So I did.

Check them out below

I love helping entrepreneurs, I work with some of the best, most talented and hardworking individuals around.

However talent and hard work will only get you so far!

No one is perfect at everything and we all need help from time to time. I know not everyone can attend one of my business strategy events or afford to work with me. So I did something about it.

To help you get you where you need to be I’ve written various books and created courses that you can read and research in your time and your own leisure.

International Best Seller:
Power to Succeed

Price: £0.99 Kindle | £17.99 Paperback

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Is it time to overcome any limiting beliefs that have held you back?

In this powerful book, Elliot Kay explains how to take charge of your life, eliminate doubt and gives you the power to succeed. Available to purchase from Amazon – follow the link below.

It’s Your Right to be Wrong

Price: £9.99

In this book, Elliot Kay has distilled the essence of his highly successful ‘It’s Your Right to be Wrong’ seminars into these pages. Take full advantage of these simple, but very powerful lessons to silence your doubts, focus on your goals and get the results YOU want!

Strategy for Coaches


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Strategy for Coaches, Speakers, Consultants and Small Business Owners 

Click here to find out more  If you can’t attend one of my trainings please do my Udemy course online. 15 videos insightful video with lots of practical exercises to build your strategy