In today’s world, consumer expectations are higher than ever, customers want more and companies have upped their game. The future of marketing is now geared towards delivering relevant, useful, and assistive experiences. Brands need insight and technology create marketing strategies for today’s consumer.

Based on these growing needs of customers, the success of your marketing strategies is dependent on these guidelines on the future of marketing:

  1. The way people get assistance through technology is evolving

Mobile phones have conditioned people to always turn to their devices for the Where can I find, I want to go, I want to do, and I want to buy micro-moments. Already, people’s research tactics have shifted from typing onto devices to automated voice searches. These micro-moments are set to accelerate in the future and as they multiply, consumers will expect more useful, personal interactions throughout their research and purchase journeys

  1. Frictionless mobile experiences are now a necessity

After having analyzed 900,000 mobile ad landing pages across 126 countries, Google identified that the new industry benchmarks for mobile page speeds have significantly increased. This is because more and more consumers are demanding frictionless mobile experiences.

Therefore, in the future marketers need to think about optimizing their brand’s mobile footprint in order to ensure their success in the future.

  1. People’s offline and online worlds are blending

Currently, the number of people making physical store visits is being backed by those visiting the shops online. Due to this meshing of worlds, marketers will need to implement innovative measurement tools that will help them understand their customer’s full store visits across different channels, media types, and devices.

These guidelines that revolve around consumer needs are quickly shaping the marketing landscapes. In order to meet these trends, marketers will have to innovate with the consumer’s expectations in mind.


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