The fact is, not everyone has heard about KPIs. The Key Performers Indicators are tools that help you evaluate the success of your particular activities.

KPIs also show progress towards your strategic goals. For example, if one of your coaching goals is to build a community for your clients, a measurable KPI can be the number of subscribers on your updated channels (this can be your website or/and numerous social networks). You can also see how many new visitors your content has, how many are coming back and the time that they spend reading your shared information; not to mention how many visitors on your channels engage themselves in conversations about your business and how it can help them.

To make it short, according to what you want to accomplish, you must

  • Set a relevant KPI to measure your success.
  • Measure your KPI on a regular basis.

Using the key performer indicators will give you a solid foundation to better understand how your conversion moves.

There are many coaches out there who have great visions and expectations. At first glance, you may think they are successful business leaders also. They can even give you lots of details about KPIs, as the hip thing that shows you where your lack is. But digging deeper, you’ll notice that they themselves lack something. Their knowledge stops at this level; the level of finding where the problem is.

Indeed, this is a great tool for a coach to use. But… after asking the question “Where is the problem?” another mandatory question immediately appears. And that is “How do you fix it?”

Here is where all of the above coaches fail. They have great objectives and high skills as coaches, but they don’t have a strategy to fulfill their projects. I met many coaches who whenever were asked “How” they intend to fix what the key performer indicators revealed, they simply answered with, “We will see,” “We will adapt the issue on the go”, and so on.

They really believe that if an idea is great, nothing can stop their success. Is it really so?

In fact, nowadays, most failures, in a business that starts based on a great vision are caused by the lack of a good strategy. It is no longer enough to have the starting point and the vision. Now it’s also mandatory to identify the road that you must take and what’s the proper strategy to follow.

Doing it on the go is not the solution to growing your business. To do it successfully, you must first build a powerful strategy. Why lose your precious time on the go trying to find, adjust and fix potential errors, and eventually fail, even more, when you can step on the road being confident and armed with the best tool that you can have: Your Strategy.

Our clients overcame any challenge with to a proper strategy, and you can do it, too. Contact us to find out how.

Feel free to call, email or meet up with me at one of my Elite Business Lifestyle events to get more tips on how to become the successful entrepreneur.

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