Day in day out I meet entrepreneurs business owners, they are up and running, have cash flow but…they are time poor, energy poor and some are simply losing the will to live. Its a sad affair really, you left your job to do more with your life and its feels worse.

Its strange to think how much more you might have had when you had a job, 48 days holiday, regular income, benefits, time was firmly controlled and once you left for the day that was it till the next day, you had weekends and even had a clear path. Really when your business is worse than a job, a job isn’t so bad right? Often a lot of business owners think of going back, you can see why.

Yet the business owner entrepreneur took the brave step and left it all behind because they know that can do better( often they truly can) they do the grafting, working their ass off and things appear worse.

You don’t have time to do the little things like your nails, get a hair cut or simply close the laptop when you get home, you wake up and open it, you can’t really take a holiday even when you go away, you are always on the phone, answering whatsappa’s, slacks messages, texts, facebooking and of course putting out fires. Often the passion dwindles, you certainly aren’t fulfilled and what for? Is it worth it?

If this is the case with you STOP it really doesn’t have to be that way, really it doesn’t! This year I become a dad for the first time which has been incredible and has changed my life. I have been blessed to be there for her “first times” first word, first steps and I am able to spend one day a week with her, just me and her. The reason I am able to do this is because some principles that I stick to which I am happy to share with you if it makes a difference:

  1. Having a strong business purpose – know why you exist as business
  2. Defining the life style it supports – for me its about creating an empowering environment for my daughter and future kids
  3. Looking at the ideal customer and are we attracting them?
  4. Making data driven decisions – not simply thinking its a good idea
  5. Checking the messaging is landing on your ideal customer
  6. Looking at the channels to land that message through

Thats how I did it and still do it. Business is never plain sailing especially when your heart and soul is in there but having these key principles at play at all times will help you run a business which is not only better than a job but leads to dream business lifestyle.

If I can help in anyway, drop me a message.

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