The millennials and Generation Z are beginning to make their presence felt in the workforce. As a result, you find that most workforces are filled with multigenerational employees. As a manager, you will need to learn how to manage your multigenerational workforce.

In such a scenario, you are recommended to take the following steps in order to adequately manage your diverse workforce:

  1. Avoid labelling people

Your management goal should be about working with individuals and not blatantly isolating and labelling employees according to their age bracket.

  1. Look for commonalities among your diverse employees

Encourage all employees to build collaboration and focus on that which brings them together and not tears them apart. By doing so, you will be building a level of trust across all generations.

  1. Set up informal mentorship opportunities

Younger and older employees can mentor one another in unique ways. Generation Z was weaned on technology; a member of that group may be the perfect go-to person for general internet- or smartphone-related questions. Similarly, a Gen X or Baby Boomer might be able to give significant insight on career growth based on his or her wealth of expertise.

  1. Allow and provide all employees with the space to explore their leadership options

When planning project staffing, try to mix and match employees of all generations based on the unique skill sets they bring to the table. The more chances they have to broaden their horizons, the less the age differences will matter.

  1. Avoid a one size fits all approach to managing your employees

Acknowledge the fact that you are dealing with a diverse workforce and a one size fits all approach will not work for everyone. Evaluate your employees based on who they are and work according to this finding.

The trick to managing a multigenerational workforce is to acknowledging the diversity in your workforce and creating strategies that fit all.


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