The past several years have been a whirlwind of creation, development, progress, and innovation. We are living in a very exciting in terms of technology and innovation. Our ability to innovate is increasing exponentially and in the next years to come, the following are some of technological innovation trends will leave us in awe of the developments of our world:

  1. Humanized Internet

More than simply connecting humans with devices, the next stage in internet connectivity will include “humanized” interfaces that constantly evolve to understand the user’s patterns and needs and, in a sense, self-optimize.


  1. Corporate technology users will drive interfaces closer to their critical data

The tablet brought users closer to their most frequently accessed application data. The success of the App on mobile devices furthered this trend. The move to more touchscreen friendly devices and Operating Systems like Windows 8 pushed this touch screen / tablet interface into the corporate environment. This trend will continue, hardware will continue to update and morph to allow the user faster and easier access to the things used most often such as, email, chat, dashboards of KPIs, and CRM applications.

  1. End of the 19th Century Grid

The biggest technological innovation we will see in 2020 is global electrification. Not only will there be near-term benefits such as greater productivity, but we will also see long-term quantum leaps in educational achievement, healthcare and quality of life.

  1. Self-driven Automated Cars

Self-driving cars will be a reality ten years from now. The wireless infrastructure will make this once farfetched concept a reality.

  1. Corporate Technology Storage will be the king of the datacenter

Over the last decade, we have seen the evolution of the virtual server and the development of the cloud for applications and storage. These two innovations have a common root, the storage array, whether using Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Area Storage (NAS), the storage array is replacing the server as the most critical element in the datacenter. Storage technology is advancing at a very rapid pace and will continue to do so. Flash memory replacing disks, new transport methods, and even virtual arrays will lead the way into 2020.


In the last decade, innovation has been the major driving force that has pushed us to where we are now. From artificial intelligence to user interfaces far more interactive than we could have thought. If the future is anything like these past years, then we have barely scratched the surface on innovations for a better future.


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