Over the years, technological innovation has had a seismic effect on marketing trends. Marketers and marketing agencies have had to keep their ears to the ground and continuously grow and keep up with emerging digital trends. The current trends we are now seeing in the marketing world can be used to predict the future of marketing.

Below is a list of three current trends, and some predictions on how these trends will influence the content marketing strategies of tomorrow:

  1. Information Overload and Its Effect

Everywhere you go, you will find an array of marketing content in your periphery. From the YouTube ads, pop-ads on websites to the traditional ads plastered on the newspapers and magazines. As a result, we have grown accustomed to this information overload. However, this bombarding of information has left consumers with numerous low-quality ads all in the name of over saturation of information.

Due to this trend, marketers in the future are now tasked with meeting the need for high quality advertisements. In the future, marketers will need more than information overload to draw people in. Instead they will need high quality content to maintain brand trust.

  1. People Watch More Than They Read

The push for increased visual content is directly related to shifting consumer habits. People would rather watch something simple that gives them all the information, as opposed to reading huge chunks of information. With this in mind, it is safe to say that video content will continue to dominate the marketing world.

  1. Mobile Phones Are Part of the Way of Life

As technology becomes more widespread, mobile phones have become some of the common sources of information. What this means for the future of marketing is that the smaller the screen, the larger your audience. Marketers will have to heavily prioritise their mobile strategy in order for them to get the most out of their marketing strategy.

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