“Elliot, how do I get more clients?”

If I had a pound for every time I got asked that question, I would be a billionaire. It is the question on every single business owners’ mind. After all, no clients = no business, right?

My answer is simple and strange.

Don’t be a phone box!

If you want more clients, don’t be a phone box.

What on earth do I mean by that?

We all know the legendary red phone boxes in London. Very useful for picture taking, the odd dodgy phone call and for hanging business cards in (if you are in a certain line of business that is) but besides that, not much else. However, in their heyday they were not only a tourist attraction but they were the one and only place a person could go to make a call while on the road, people would even queue up to use them.

As time moved on, they didn’t. As mobiles phone ownership increased, their use simply and gradually became reduced to nothing important. They have no real practical money making function. Great for tourists’ photos but not much more.

Don’t be a phone box. Obvious, right?

I wish it was for many of the small business owners out there. A lot of businesses are not moving with the times, they live on in hope that they will stay in fashion, they wish that clients will queue up for their products or services, and hope that the market will shift back to needing what they offer. It simply doesn’t work that way. It’s obvious when you think about it but can be hard to see when you are in the mix of things.

In reality, evolving with the market sometimes means making the hard choices, coming up with new products or services to stay ahead of the trend and not get left behind.

I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, so here are a few golden nuggets to help you get more clients and keep them:

  • Ask your customers what they want to see more/less of from you as a business
  • Make sure you truly understand the pain, need and want of your clients 
  • Test your offerings and pricing to ensure your ideal is getting what they want
  • Make sure you appear and market in the correct way as well as in the correct channels
  • Make sure your marketing messaging is working and refine accordingly
  • Attend industry conferences and seminars
  • Watch what leaders in your space are doing well and learn from them
  • Build a business that absolutely delivers with great customer service
  • Ask for referrals
  • Follow up with past leads
  • Check in on past clients
  • Get on stage and get as many speaking gigs as you can

If you do all these (which to be honest is not a lot in the grand scheme of things) you will get clients, you will be in demand and you definitely won’t be a phone box!

I hope that helps and you won’t become a stale, stand still or “has been” business.

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