Being an entrepreneur is fulfilling. However, sometimes it comes with its ups and down. There are days when you’ll make incredible profits from sales, and there are days when you won’t. Numerous entrepreneurs fall into depression as a result of poor sales or a lack of balance between work life and a healthy personal lifestyle. Here are four simple steps you can take to ensure that you do not fall into this group.




Changing Your Lifestyle to Avoid Depression

Be Fully Present

Being fully present means embracing the fact that there is more to business than sales. It means aligning the vision and mission you have for your company with your passions, and ensuring that the why of your business is compatible with your beliefs and lifestyle. When you believe in what you do and the impact your business has on the lives of others, you are less likely to give up on either your life or your enterprise.

Treat it Like a Job

Don’t take work home with you. Give yourself some time off. Stay away from the paperwork during the holidays. Compensate yourself fairly for your work. All these actions are steps to show that you appreciate yourself as a person and an employee, and they help fight against depression.

Face Your Failures

Hiding failure is instinctively human. However, it is a lifestyle that entrepreneurs cannot afford. Living behind your embarrassment because of a deal went bad or you lost a client allows you to dwell on the negatives of being an entrepreneur, which, in turn, promotes depression. As an entrepreneur, you have to find a way to deal with failure. Vent in a sports game, get yourself a mentor, even talk to a therapist; do whatever you have to do to face your disappointments. And at the same time, congratulate yourself for small victories in the business.

Go on a Social Media Fast

Use social media to promote your business and leave it at that. Looking up your former classmates or a competitor on social media, reading line after line of their successes, is one way to encourage depression. So, how do you fight it? Simple: by going on a social media fast.

By using these steps as a guide, entrepreneurs may be able to not only cope with but also prevent depression. Balancing between entrepreneurship and personal life might take some work, but it is essential to both the entrepreneur and the business. Remember, your wellbeing is important to your overall productivity and more so to your bottom line.

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