Without mincing words, it is absolutely normal to feel stuck in your business. Sometimes it just seems like your business has hit a plateau and you don’t know what to do about it or how to overcome it. But do you want to know the exciting part about hitting a business plateau? I’ll tell you. It is the fact that you can turn your business around with witty ideas. So, if you’re a small or large scale business owner who is experiencing a business plateau with no idea on how to overcome this, then you’re welcome to read further as this article has all the tips you need to smash through your business plateau.

The problem is not your business but you

When your business hits a plateau, it’s okay to think that the problem has to do with your business. But hey, what you have to understand about business plateaus is the fact that it is always about you and not your business. So, instead of giving excuses as to why you can’t reach the next level or get clients who are willing to pay more for your products or services, you need to dig deeper into your mind and find a reason to push through. The thing about excuses is that they help you justify why you shouldn’t work harder and smarter. To this end, knowing that the problem is you and not your business will help you deal your business plateau an overwhelming sucker punch.

Evaluate yourself and strive to improve

When businesses experience plateaus, one of their defense strategies is making swift business changes. Although this seems like a good business decision, the first thing you should strive to do is try to evaluate yourself and make changes. Trust me when I say this is an actionable step you need to start taking right away. I know by now you’ll be asking yourself how you can achieve this. Well, it’s simple; first, you need to get out of your mind and jump right into your body. And by this I mean, doing a comprehensive self-evaluation test and examining how you carry yourself.  So, instead of licking your wounds over your loss, stand tall and tap into your inner power. Remember, staying positive is all you need to turn the tides to your favor.

Tweak your business model

With the continued advancement in the digital world, businesses are beginning to rethink their business models.  Come to think of it; change is one buzz world that is constant in the business world. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. And with the web disintermediation trend currently rocking the business world, it isn’t business as usual for business owners. Now, a lot of businesses are beginning to tweak their business models and B2B strategies to meet the demands of their customers. So, if you’re experiencing a business plateau and you don’t seem to know how to overcome it, one of the smartest things to do is look at your business model, look at your competitors and try to make changes where you think your business may lacking.

Try to address capacity issues

This is one of the many reasons why businesses hit plateaus. Your inability to accommodate growth can take a negative toll on your business. While having more sales is what many businesses wish for, having more sales than you can handle can deal a decisive blow to your business. You may not have the manpower, warehouse or logistic infrastructures to handle this. Now the big question is how do you handle this plateau? It’s quite simple. Begin by finding a good way to support growth while effectively addressing the issue of capacity. To give you a head start, you should start thinking of outsourcing. This is because stats show that businesses that outsource have 47% chances of solving capacity issues. Here is an example, if logistics is an issue, outsourcing this responsibility to firms that specialize in this area can drastically increase capacity.

Build a solid online presence

Without a doubt, digital advancement has continued to revolutionize the business world. And for businesses trying to overcome business plateau, having a solid online presence does help a great deal. With a sleek and regularly updated website where you can easily engage and interact with your target audience, you’re guaranteed to convert visitors to returning customers. Again, if your website is older than 5 years, you should consider getting a new one with a great design. More so, you’ll want to ensure that your website easily allows visitors navigate around quickly without any hassle. Statistics have shown that having a robust online presence and a responsive website that addresses customers needs can help convert traffic to sales.

Find alternative funding

Funding is another issue business in a growth mode struggle with. Good for you, with the myriads of non-conventional funding sources available today; you can now get all the funds you need to build a solid brand. Now, with crowdfunding which has proven to be an exciting funding source, businesses with a good plan can easily raise the capital needed to build a successful brand. If you’re asking if crowdfunding really works, you should take a look at businesses like AcesMarks who were able to generate over $500,000 from backers who believed in their Kickstarter campaign. Yes, every business will experience plateaus at some point, but what helps them overcome this is having creativity and willingness to experiment with things and ideas that have never been tried before.

Try to automate operations

This is one of the top tips you need to take seriously if you want to kick business plateau to the backburner and prepare yourself and business for the next level. For business owners who are serious about overcoming business plateau, you should start giving some serious thoughts to automating some aspect of your business. With automation, you can effectively deal with human errors while ensuring that certain tasks are completed quickly. To begin the process of automation, you’ll not only have to invest in new software or computers, you’ll also have to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your business to know what needs to be automated.

Strive to add value

When businesses encounter a plateau, one of the first steps they take is cutting down the price of their products or services. This is a very wrong approach to reverting a business plateau. To overcome any business hassle you may be experiencing, the only good direction to tow is upward growth. So, instead of reducing the prices of your products and services, you should start thinking of value adds. This has proven to be an effective strategy that has worked for thousands of organizations including Starbucks. Big companies like Starbucks never discount their products; rather they offer their customers points for purchasing their products. With these points, members can receive free foods and drinks. Do you want to give this a try?  Start right away and you’ll be glad you did.

Take advantage of online marketing campaigns

Online marketing campaigns are proving to be a smart way to easily overcome your business plateau. For businesses struggling with sales and dwindling revenue, taking advantage of online marketing campaigns will help a great deal.  If you have a responsive website already, you should proceed with steps that will help potential customers find you easily. This would entail that you master top tier SEO tricks. Also, you should start considering promotional email blast as a strategy to boost your online presence and reaching out to people who may be interested in your services. Besides having an effective marketing campaign, you’ll want to ensure you create a presence on various social media outlets, especially those that are relevant to your business. Putting in this efforts is not only guaranteed to help you break your business plateau, but can also prove as an effective and less expensive marketing strategy especially when compared with conventional marketing strategies you have always relied on.

Have a mindset for success

One of the secret to overcoming a business plateau is having a positive mindset for success. Don’t dwell on clichés like “I’ll try a new business strategy or if a business strategy works or not” Trust me when I say that having this kind of mindset is a catalyst for setbacks. As matter of fact, eliminate words like “try” and “if” from your thoughts. What you should do instead is say to yourself, I’ll do it. The reality is if you don’t believe in yourself and your business, then overcoming a plateau will be an uphill task. Remember, that you can do anything if you believe in yourself. Do this, and you’ll be surprised at how easily you’ll surmount your business plateaus.

Master business of optimization

Whether your business operates online or offline, you’ll want to master optimization. And guess what, with A/B testing software incorporated into your online business, the sky is the limit to your business success. Again, you’ll want to optimize headlines, words, colors and other elements on your website. This isn’t surprising giving the fact that they play a huge role in convincing your visitors to buy from you. To put things in retrospect, not optimizing your business or deploying great software like A/B testing will mean you’re missing out on lots of sales. I’ve have seen businesses skyrocket sales by over 400% by simply optimizing headlines and ads on their web pages.

Get new traffic sources

Getting over business plateau will mean making intentional decisions. One of such decisions that have helped many businesses over the years to build a successful business is looking for new traffic sources. Forget all the tricks in the book, trying to convert wrong people will bring your business to a standstill. Like it or not, there is no amount of persuasion or sales trick that can help you convert people who have no interest in your business. So, what’s your best bet? I’m excited you asked. Finding new traffic sources is the magic you need to overcome your business hurdles. And by new traffic sources, I mean paid traffic sources. This would help you to maximize your profits. Some of the paid traffic sources that are known to produce tremendous results include, social traffic, pay per click traffic, pop-ups and display media buying. Get some of these tools and enjoy their overwhelming results.

Have an action plan and implement it

It’s one thing to have a solid action plan to smash through your plateau and another to implement it. Don’t just have an action plan you think will produce results, proceed to implement it quickly. The reality is, while a lot of people and businesses have an interesting action plan, many of them fail at the implementation stage. Don’t fall among the groups of people who consume chunks of information and end up doing nothing with it. At the end of the day, you must realize that having a plan is better than no plan and moving on to implement that plan is all you need to deal your business plateau a sucker punch.

In a nutshell

Getting over business plateau may seem like a difficult thing to do especially when you have tried everything you have known to work, but hey, all hope is not lost yet. By leveraging some of the exciting tips above, you can smartly overcome your business plateau and push your business to the next level. And yes, we can go on and on about all the best tips to take to take to get over your business plateau, but then again, if you have a comprehensive plan, you should stick to it. It is only a matter of time before you’re miles ahead of your competitors.

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