The Empowered Entrepreneur Meetup

4-5 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4BX, 07 Aug 2018

Join Elliot Kay for the 8 steps to creating your perfect business lifestyle and Nick Elvery and his peak performance pyramid

Come join the second Empowered Entrepreneurs Meetup at the London Campus, Google’s Co-working space. The feedback from the first event was mindblowing.

09:30 – Registration/Networking/Socialising

10:30 – You can’t miss Nick’s talk on peak performance for entrepreneurs. He will walk you through his complete roadmap for peak performance and you’ll get the chance to have all your questions answered. You’ll learn all about his peak performance pyramid and all the strategies that make a profound difference to his and his clients’ lives. This is not to be missed!

11:00 – Short break

11:15 – A mindset masterclass and principles required to get clarity on your purpose and empower yourself to stop fucking around and take the action consistent with your vision with Shazz and Nick.

12:00 – Short break

12:15 – Nick will be interviewing Elliot Kay about the 8 steps to creating your perfect business lifestyle.

12:45 – Short break

13:00 – Richie Bostock will be teaching how to rapidly calm the mind and put your brain in a meditative state of flow (even if you can’t meditate!)

13:30 – Networking/Socialising.

15:00 – Event finish You’ll also get free Bulletproof Coffee, the ultimate in mind enhancing coffee that everyone was raving about at the last event. Tickets are free but limited so grab yours now to avoid missing this epic event.

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