Others will agree that more than 85% of people who hear the question “What would you choose… Employee or Entrepreneur?”will answer “entrepreneur”. However, only 20-30% of them will have the courage to follow that path.

These are the ones who found their inner strength. They know that they are change-makers, and they care about the world enough to do it.

But, there are people who are also career driven, and they have the some success with their job, yet at the same time, they know that’s not enough.

Maybe you find yourself stuck in this category?

You care about the world.

You want to leave your job to follow your dreams.

But still, you don’t have enough confidence to start building a business from your passion.

What are the main reasons that continue to block you?

  • you lack self-confidence
  • you don’t know what steps to take
  • you struggle with wondering if you can do it
  • you fear what people will say about you

Without a doubt, it is not easy to make this decision. Only after the first three years, will any start-up be considered a stable business. But you fear whether or not you’ll have a constant income suitable for your desired lifestyle.

You are too busy to try a new path now… the path of your fulfillment, the path of your passion.

Is this really so? Do you belong to the category of people who say, “I don’t have enough time”, “If I only would have the time”, “I would like to follow my dream, but when will I find time to do it?”

What do you know about the people who would say those things?

  • Most of them have a manager who gives them tasks to work on, and this occupies almost all their daily time.
  • Most of them fear to lose the stability offered by their jobs
  • Some haven’t yet finished their studies and are not confident that they will succeed
  • Some have such complicated relationships that they can’t find time for theirpassions
  • And all of them are employees who don’t yet understand that the only priority in life is to chase their passion because only it will bring them the inner contempt.

The goal of this article is not to convince you to choose a path or another, but it’s to provoke you to answer to maybe one of the most important question in life.

“What is more important to you?”

Once you find your own answer, follow your goal! Don’t over think any further the things that you still haven’t done due to the lack of time or self-confidence. Focus on what you will do from now on, because this is all that matters.

You deserve to start building your future today. All that’s left is to take action!

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