Jobs as we know them are changing, fast past technology is evolving and trends are pushing for a different future. As a result, change within organisations is inevitable, more specifically, a change in the company vision. The trick however, is communicating it adequately within the organisation.

As you adapt to the current times, you need to coin a new vision that fits in with your external world. As you come up with a new vision for change, in order for it to be compelling and it needs to be:

  • Positive– something others can desire and like
  • Personal– something that impacts and benefits people on a personal level
  • Possible– it needs to be attainable and not farfetched
  • Visual– something that people can see and visualise
  • Vivid- there should be zero room for misunderstanding, it needs to be crystal clear in its representation of the future

Once you have successfully coined a powerful vision, the next step is powerfully communicating it in order to actualise the change.

Eight Principles for Communicating a Powerful Vision for Change

  1. Developing a shared vision, strategy and a powerful business case that justifies the need for change
  2. Engaging and aligning leaders to develop a guiding coalition for enlisting support for changes
  3. Preparing and mobilising stakeholders whose support and buy-in will be critical to success
  4. Creating and supporting high performing project teams in delivering the change
  5. Aligning processes and the organisation with new changes and attain agreement at all levels within the organisation
  6. Aligning skills and competencies of the people so they are positioned to successfully perform their work in the future
  7. Adapting performance management processes and measurements to enable the change
  8. Addressing behaviour and culture gaps that may surface resulting from a shift in performance expectations and the manner in which personnel work on a daily basis.



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