Business Success Stories – here are two 

When you look around, you see many successful business owners. How did they get to where they are today? How did they make the move from forming ideas to implementing them and making profits from them? As an entrepreneur, these might be some of the questions you ask yourself often. At The Elite Business Lifestyle, I usually tell my clients that the best way to know what to do to make your business a success is to learn from others. That’s why I put down the two success stories below. Hopefully, you can take a thing or two from these stories to help your venture.

Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories

The Jobs-Wozniak Story

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are one of the most well-known entrepreneurs of our time. They are renowned not only for their expertise in the technology field, but also for the circuitous route they took to get to their present stage. Both Wozniak and Jobs dropped out of college. If someone you knew dropped out of school today, would you think they were failures? Some would, but not these two. Instead of dwelling on the fact that they had not completed their education, Jobs and Wozniak worked together at Atari. Eventually, they hooked up with another Atari alumnus, Ron Wayne, and started the global technology giant Apple. Lesson learnt: as an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to take the non-conventional route to success.

The Pierre Omidyar Story

Pierre Omidyar got the idea for his business when he started auctioning off his personal belongings online. He realized that there was a demand for an online platform where other people could sell their items, and started charging customers to sell on his site. Omidyar took advantage of an innovative opening he saw in the market, and that is what enabled him to found eBay.

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