The fact is everyone is born having the ability to act with confidence in life. But our environment, our society, succeeds to instill inside your heart the doubt that you can do it. Nothing can be more false than this.

Because of the lack of confidence you still haven’t had the courage to do what you are passionate about. Or maybe on a certain level, you did it, but you know that this is not enough. You want and need more. You want and need to build a business from your passion. This is not a desire that will fill only your heart, but you know that your skills will change the world into a better one. All that you are not sure of yet is whether you will be able to do it. Yes, the lack of confidence made you surrender and you preferred to be left alone in your own safe small world.

And… meanwhile you continue to dream about a life in which you will have the courage to quit your actual job, to make a living from what you are passionate about.

Until you finally decide to ask for the support of a professional coach who can get you at the start line for the journey of your passion, check out the following tips you should take into consideration when deciding to quit your job. The reason? What better reason do you need than to avoid a disaster that will shake even the smallest remaining confidence that you have.


  1. When you choose the easiest path, when you choose the comfort and security of your present that’s lacking the desired fulfillment, you are headed down the wrong path.
  2. There are no shortcuts to give you the indubitable confidence. It can only be developed internally, following the path of who you really are and only through revealing the one who’s yet to be born inside.
  3. Your own inner compass that will always guide you through life’s challenges keeps the light alive. It shows the right path for you and what you only miss is the trust in yourself. The good news is that with proper advice you will easily find your direction.
  4. To discover the magic, to emanate a positive and radiant energy that will attract onto your path the necessary opportunities, you have to fall in love with life. Only by doing this will you finally discover what it means to be filled with passion.
  5. The moment when you’ll really understand what your passion is about and what makes you happy is the moment when you will understand that you are able to chase your passion to the earth’s end.

By keeping these tips in mind, the moment when you’ll develop the power to influence others will soon come. At that moment, you’ll place yourself in a leadership role. Then you’ll step into your own seat of power – the power given by your inner truth.

But, to find the power to step into that seat, you have to let go of your fears that force you to hide yourself in a so-called comfortable shell. We invite you to subscribe to our updates through which you’ll find the energy to step out from behind this little shell. This is a real disaster your heart would have to cross. Find the confidence to speak you.

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