1. Become positively selfish– Don’t mistake that with becoming self centred. Take time for you this year, invest in yourself. Give yourself time when it is needed in order for you to serve and help others better. Make sure that every action starts with you and that it comes from a good place.

2. Don’t put things off, simply do it– The only way to get something done is to do! Stop making excuses, stop coming up with reasons why not and simply make 2018 a year of doing. Do the actions and learn from them, even if things don’t work out there is always a lesson. Write down a few action steps that will get you going, and simply do them.

3. Pay attention to details– learning and developing happens when we pay attention to detail. When we look into our action and tune into the fine details of an outcome, this is where the learning happens. By taking this on board we develop and learn to improve our actions. We also learn to appreciate the smaller things in life by paying attention to detail.

4. Lead by example– Don’t wait for other people to do things for you. If you have an idea or you want something done, get up and do it yourself. If you don’t know about the subject, learn about it and put it into action. When others see what you are doing and achieving, they will start to follow. It doesn’t mean you have to leave people behind or not take people with you. You lead first, lead because you want to better yourself and better yourself in order for your loved ones to have a better life.

5. Choose your circle of friends wisely– If you are hanging around with people that are always in debt, blaming others for their problems and always finding the negative in every situation, what’s the chances of you moving out of that and developing the mind set of an achiever? This is not an easy action to take. If you want to become an achiever then you will need to change your circle of friends to achievers, people who always find the solution in any given situation. Everyone is approachable when you come from a genuine place.

6. Find your resources– It is a myth that there is a lack of resources in the world. That is simply an excuse. Very few people start with everything to hand. Get creative, learn and ask people how they got theirs. There is always an honest way to get what you need. Who can you team up with to make it happen?

7. Accept feedback on any level– When people offer feedback in whatever form, take it on board, take responsibility and act on it. Accept feedback in whatever medium it’s offered. Even if someone is taking an idea of yours apart, listen, there is always a lesson. The more resistance there is to an idea the chances are it’s a very good one. When you learn to accept feedback it stops becoming personal.

8. Find the balance in everything– Time apart from anything is just as important as time spent invested. Time for yourself is as important as time shared. Find a balance in everything you’re doing, if you are starting a business make sure you take time away from it, don’t let it run you, delegate where possible. This applies to any other situation you might be in.

9. Time to raise your game– How is playing at this level working for you? If it has, great, up the level and play bigger, aim higher and embrace the challenge of playing at a higher level. If the answer is it hasn’t, work out why. Pay attention to detail and up the level you play to a level you think is far beyond your reach, you can always scale back, at least you are aiming higher than you ever have, make the commitment and see the results.

10. Have fun– Enjoy and inject fun in into all of the above steps and into everything you do. If you are having fun, hard work doesn’t feel like hard work, ideas come naturally and you find that you love what you do. Simple isn’t it?! Simply have fun with whatever you are doing.

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