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Elliot Kay is an strategy expert, his key message is making strategy simple and therefore has spoken all over the world, in the USA,( Vegas and Orlando) Spain, Rwanda, The Middle East and nationally across the UK, who provides GREAT content that will EDUCATE and keep your audience ENTERTAINED.

Elliot is a loving dad husband business strategist, entrepreneur,  and much, much more.

He has a passion for the entrepreneurial journey, and has a way of weaving valuable business lessons and insights into stories to keep the audience ENGAGED throughout the entire presentation.

Elliot is also the Managing Director of Strategic Brilliance Services – a company that strategically works with business owners who are turning over 6 figures to run a business they love while having a lifestyle to match it. He is the commercial director of Speaker Express  Ltd, a public speaking events company based in London.

Elliot is also the author of two successful personal transformation methodologies “The Confidence Breakthrough” and “Power To Succeed.

Elliot is also a best selling author with “Power To Succeed” and has written two more books, Its Your Right To Be Wrong and Its Your Right To Be Wrong in Relationships

A few of Elliot’s favorite topics are:

  • How To Use Public Speaking To Win More Clients
  • How To Find The Leaders Of Tomorrow
  • What Does A Winning Business Strategy Look Like
  • The 5 Essential Elements Of Business Purpose
  • How you can use you confidence to build your business.
  • Is Your Business Worse Than A Job?!

Elliot makes time in his timetable to speak at Schools & Universities:

Elliot’s inspiring keynotes come from his own hardships, dyslexic, being misunderstood, alcoholic father and living with my brother at the age of 17. Elliot gives advice on what tools and elements you need to succeed. How to truly be yourself as you grow through the years and get out in the real world. Elliot offer a number of different talks which I present to schools, colleges and universities.

Elliot takes girls and boys on a story through his early school life from being a complete rebel and heading towards crime to achieving global award winning success. Elliot hopes to inspire generations to build self-esteem, self-confidence and understand that strengths and flaws lie in us all. No one is prefect. Elliot wants to inspire the leaders of tomorrow today.

– Confidence

– Being different is new “normal”

– You Do Matter

“Elliot Kay is a dynamic, engaging, and relatable speaker. We were fortunate to have him speak to the students of Cypress Creek High School. He spoke to two sets of students at the same time. Those high achieving college bound students and those that are considered low achieving and behavior issues.  His honest, down to earth conversation with our students made a huge impact. When Elliot spoke to our students about choices, circumstances, and opportunity it was genuine, enthusiastic, and most importantly from experience. He tailored his talk for our students, and it was clear he cares for the youth. Our students enjoyed hearing him speak. His personal stories of struggle and triumphs inspired them to always reach for the maximum potential regards of the outcome.” 

Thank you for coming to our school. Our kids really responded well to your message.

Cindy Schmitt, Attendance Dean, Social Media Manager, Cypress Creek High School, Orlando, Florida

“Elliot Kay is a dynamic authentic speaker that can engage with audiences of all ages. At our Foundation we have been delivering residential youth leadership summits and school workshops around the World for over two decades and are delighted to have Elliot as one of our approved speakers.
Elliot will add value to all stakeholders of your school community”

Harry Singha, Chairman of The Harry Singha Foundation


Don’t just take our world for it:

“If you are running an event or a conference and are looking for an excellent speaker to inspire, engage, and educate your audience, then look no further, I wholeheartedly recommend Elliot Kay. His energy is electrifying, his talks are very engaging and his delivery is brilliant. I have been blessed to have him speak and MC at two of my events and each time I booked him, I experienced his genuine care for people and how with his flawless style he magically takes the audience into a whole new world.“ 

Tony Jeton Selimi-Human Behaviour Expert and Award-winning author

“I have had the pleasure of introducing Elliot Kay several times and not once has he failed to deliver. In fact, he regularly over delivers and leaves the audience wanting more. Elliot’s style of delivery is engaging, funny and most importantly authentic. He’s my go to recommendation for anyone looking for a speaker on Strategy and I’m always delighted to see him on a line up I’m introducing”. 

Lovelda Vincenzi – International MC & Founder of World Class Female Speakers

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