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Our current aim is get the message out there, that you can run a business that you love and have a life style full of magic moments.

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Hi I’m Elliot and I’m your guide to a successful business.

I help entrepreneurs and business owners plan and execute a winning, scalable business strategy so that they can enjoy their work and increase their revenue (yes, both are possible!).

You can dig through countless books and blogs and waste your time, or you can get my weekly insights (it’s free).

By working with Elliot I learned how business owner really thinks; he pushed me out of my comfort zone again, and again, and again. And helped me taking some really big leaps!

Lizzy Nichol

Harriet Waley Cohen

Through Elliot helping me with the structure and speaking, my conversion rate from my talks has absolutely gone through the roof.

Harriet Waley Cohen
Health & Wellbeing Coach

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