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Elliot Kay is an international speaker who provides GREAT content that will EDUCATE and keep your audience ENTERTAINED.

Elliot is a business strategist, entrepreneur, podcaster, YouTuber, and much, much more.

He has a passion for the entrepreneurial journey, and has a way of weaving valuable business lessons and insights into stories to keep the audience ENGAGED throughout the entire presentation.

Elliot is also the Managing Director of Strategic Brilliance Services – a company that strategically works with business owners to grow their businesses to £100k+ as fast as possible. He is the commercial director of Pony Express Speakers Club Ltd, a public speaking events company based in London.

Elliot is also the author of two successful personal transformation methodologies “The Confidence Breakthrough” and “Power To Succeed.

A few of Elliot’s favorite topics are:

  • What does a winning business strategy look like?
  • The 5 key business areas your business needs to focus on.
  • How to use Facebook Live to build your brand
  • How you can use you confidence to build your business.
  • How to create a winning business plan.

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