LifeStyle 360: 2hr Workshop for Business Owners

London, 02 Mar 2018


LifeStyle 360: Assess your business and recreate a strategy to get you living The Elite Business Lifestyle

2nd March, 2-4pm

Do you find that running your business is worse than a Job?

Your instant reaction might be NO, running a business is ALWAYS better than a job, I mean you’re building something for yourself rather than someone else, right?

BUT, be honest with yourself for a moment…

  • Is your take home salary BETTER than it would be if you were employed?
  • Can you take at least 25days holiday PAID a year?
  • Can you switch off at weekends?
  • Do you only work a set amount of hours per week, and the rest of the time you can STOP thinking about work?
  • Do you have all the benefits such as a pension, private health care, 1st class travel?

If the answer is NO to any of the above questions than I’m afraid the reality is your business is WTAJ (Worse Than A Job).

Let’s be clear here, you run your own business which of course is WAY better than working for someone else and making them richer, BUT your business is owning you if you can’t take time off to do the things you enjoy, or take the salary you deserve.

Do you find you’re not only short of time and money, but you’re also missing out on the little things in life? Like time to do your nails, hang out with your kids, take a holiday and generally switch off?

You’re proud of yourself for starting your business and want it to thrive, but do you really want to do that at the cost of living a fulfilling lifestyle?

Introducing … LIFESTYLE 360.

I’m here to help you create a strategy for your business that can get it to a place that not only is it MBTAJ (Much Better Than A Job) but also it gives you your EBL (Elite Business Lifestyle)

(In case you haven’t noticed, we do like our acronyms 🙂)

So, what is your Elite Business Lifestyle?

It’s everything you want your lifestyle to be. WHY did you start your business in the first place? Was it to have more freedom? To have lots of cash? To spend time with your family? To travel the world? To be of service to others and make a big dent on this planet?

With the right strategy in place, your business can get you your EBL.

I have put together this workshop together to give you the space to STOP and take a 360 look at where your business is right now, where you want to be, and how to get you there.

Why do I do this?

I have built 3 businesses myself, and I understand first hand the need to ensure your business is a joy to run and in line with your ideal lifestyle. Last year my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world. Because of the way I have designed my business I only go into London 3 days a week, so I have been able to be there for my family and experience all our daughters’ “first times” – first words, first steps, etc. Our family also travels with the business and in my daughters’ first year on this earth she has already come to America three times with me. By leveraging the business, I have also been able to take 2 whole months off to travel and see family in Argentina and America, without the business suffering.

I meet too many business owners who are exhausted and burnt out. I am itching to help you do the same with your business and life.

What will you get from the workshop?

There are some key strategies any business needs to have in place to grow, and I will take you through each one, giving you:

  • A clearly defined EBL as part of your big picture business strategy
  • A strong business purpose aligned with your EBL
  • A clear 360 assessment of where your blocks and bottlenecks are by identifying your weak and strong points. Know what areas you need to focus on immediately to move you forward and get you to the next level
  • Five strategies you can implement right away to strengthen your business and boost your profits
  • How to increase your conversions and improve your sales and marketing funnels

This is for you if:

– You are running your business full time, and find there is not enough hours in the day for you to get everything done AND have a life ☺
– You spend far too many evenings on your laptop
– Your mind is working 24/7 on how to grow and scale
– You are highly skilled at what you do and you know you add massive value to your clients, but you need to find a way of conveying that in your marketing and attracting more ideal clients
– You know you should and could be charging more, getting more clients, generating more revenue, and generally making a BIGGER impact in your market space
– You’re a heart-centred business owner, wanting to make a positive impact

Come and spend 2 hours with me and a small selection of other entrepreneurs and together let’s get you to that next level.

Spaces are limited to 12 only so please only book on if you are truly committed to come.



The Tower Hotel, London

St Katherine’s Way
St Katherine’s & Wapping

The Citadines Hotel is located nearby Holborn station, with easy access from either the Central or Piccadilly tube lines.





Event Testimonials

I have been trying to battle a way to improve myself career-wise and emotionally for all of my adult life. I’ve done a lot of courses and run 4 businesses of my own without making a real impact or really feeling fulfilled. This workshop was huge for me. I found the missing ingredients to a successful career/lifestyle and came away with a possibility I had never felt before. I’ve been hung-up on finding my personal purpose for a lifetime. Elliot helped me see it by asking a simple question that will alter the course of my life forever. Now a successful business no longer seems ‘pie in the sky’. It’s a real possibility dependent on the strategy and energy I put into it. Passion and energy are massive but the tools Elliot provides are every bit as important and I know of no better place to get them.

Dwight Brown

Property Investor

Great value, felt very inspired to take action. Gave me plenty to think about. Elliot is a fantastic strategist, and it shows.

Caroline Zimba

Yoga Business Owner

Great information in such a short time. Easy to understand. Steps to move forward. Elliot is a great trainer with personality and very charismatic. Enjoyed the seminar. Thank you very much.

Jane Milner

Health Coach

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