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Is your business worse than a job?

Day in day out I meet entrepreneurs business owners, they are up and running, have cash flow but…they are time poor, energy poor and some are simply losing the will to live. Its a sad affair really, you left your job to do more with your life and its feels worse. Its strange to think […]

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We launched in Los Angeles – was it all Hollywood?

We are now officially an International global business and that is a great news, this year we successfully launched in LA. As you know there’s a fair few miles between LA and London. With the miles came a lot of learnings quick and fast. Why LA? As part of our mission to inspire businesses to […]

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How one word almost ruined a perfect presentation!

Elliot was speaking at Speaker Express when the theme was F**k Up night, a night dedicated to when you have messed up on stage and in this video Elliot shared how one simple word almost turned a whole audience against him…explicit language here and there.

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