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Mastery: a marketing concept or a way of life?

The word ‘mastery’ is flung around a lot in the west; especially in the personal development industry. When I went to train with Shaolin monks in a Kung Fu temple in China, I learnt the true definition of mastery. These monks practise their craft every. single. day… for 10 hours or more. And becoming a […]

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5 Sales Questions to Convert More Clients

One of the biggest challenges coaches, speakers and trainers have is converting their leads into clients. In this talk, Elliot teaches you a simple sales technique which is powerful and effective, whilst also feeling natural and authentic.     Learn each of the 5 sales questions and how to use them Understand the psychology behind […]

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How podcasting can help your coaching business?

Podcast educator and founder of Cashflow Podcasting Ben Krueger joins Elliot to talk about an innovative process for authors and thought leaders to host a podcast of their own in just a few hours of their time per month. In this episode: Why podcasting is important to your business How to Start a podcast The […]

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